Here are some children’s titles recently released on Netflix in Great Britain. You can add these titles to your Flix for Kids favorites.

Bruno and Boots: Go Jump in the Pool

To keep pal Boots from being sent to a rival school with better athletics, prankster Bruno leads an epic campaign to build a pool at Macdonald Hall.

Year Released: 2016

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism

With the help of a mysterious book, a bright young girl learns the art of hypnotism. But she soon learns such a special tome attracts a sinister sort.

Year Released: 2015

The Black Stallion Returns

When a band of thieves steals his noble horse, a boy must race through the Sahara to find him in this family film based on the novel by Walter Farley.

Year Released: 1983

Nicholas on Holiday

Summer vacation has finally arrived! Nicholas and his family head for the beach, where he'll meet new friends on an unforgettable adventure.

Year Released: 2014

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Inventor Flint Lockwood battles mutant food beasts created by his notorious machine, including shrimpanzees, tacodiles and jellyfish sandwiches.

Year Released: 2013


On a mission to retrieve a princess from a fire-breathing dragon, gruff ogre Shrek teams up with an unlikely compatriot -- a wisecracking donkey.

Year Released: 2001

James and the Giant Peach

When a young orphan spills a magic bag of crocodile tongues, he finds himself in possession of a giant peach that flies him away to strange lands.

Year Released: 1996

Kibaoh Klashers

Young beetle Dylan and his friends Hailey and Ollie team up to compete against tough opponents in the exciting, high-octane sport of Battle Blading.

Year Released: 2017

Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

Champion truck-racing dog Buddy and his best friend, ferret mechanic Darnell, paw through the 'maybe pile' and test out a bunch of crazy stunts.

Year Released: 2017

The Little Prince

When the evil Snake passes through the galaxy and extinguishes the stars, the Little Prince leaves his asteroid to save the universe from doom.

Year Released: 2012


An energetic rabbit and his ball-shaped friends live in a fantastic world where chocolate is abundant, dreams can be chosen and anything can happen.

Year Released: 2010

Learning Songs by Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends

Simple songs mix with colorful animation to teach youngsters about concepts such as animals, vehicles, numbers, colors and more.

Year Released: 2015

Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends

Twinkle, Mia, Jacus and the rest of the Nursery Rhyme Friends perform catchy tunes for the little ones.

Year Released: 2016

Free Rein

A 15-year-old from LA spends the summer at her mom's childhood home on an island off the coast of England, where she bonds with a mysterious horse.

Year Released: 2017


Four animal superheroes called the Miniforce transform into robots to protect small and defenseless creatures from the hands of scheming villains.

Year Released: 2016

Power Battle Watch Car

Jino and his Watch Car, Bluewill, compete in the Battle League to become world champions. Meanwhile, a dark force threatens to destroy them all.

Year Released: 2016

All Hail King Julien: Exiled

Julien's been dethroned, but loyal friends and some very unlikely allies will propel the lovable lemur on a colorful journey to take back his kingdom.

Year Released: 2017

Spirit Riding Free

In a small Western town, spunky ex-city girl Lucky forms a tight bond with wild horse Spirit while having adventures with best pals Pru and Abigail.

Year Released: 2017


For these half-car, half-animal friends, each day in Zippy City is a chance to have fun, be creative and use teamwork to solve difficult problems.

Year Released: 2016

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

When Paris is in peril, Marinette becomes Ladybug. Little does she know, her school crush Adrien is actually Cat Noir, another city-saving superhero.

Year Released: 2016

Sonic Boom

Sonic, the fastest and bluest hedgehog in the world, teams up with his animal pals to stop Dr. Eggman from turning their island into a theme park.

Year Released: 2014

Yo-Kai Watch

Nate frees a mythical being trapped in a magic capsule, and the two new friends have adventures with all sorts of troublesome supernatural creatures.

Year Released: 2015

Lost and Found Music Studios

Teen singers-songwriters in an elite music program form bonds of friendship, creativity and romance while turning their passion into their profession.

Year Released: 2016


Using clues like color, shape and body parts, try to identify the animal inside the box. With more than 100 to choose from, it will keep you guessing!

Year Released: 2010

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Teen phenom Tony Stark takes to the skies with an ingeniously engineered suit of armor to learn the truth about his father's mysterious death.

Year Released: 2009

The Wishing Tree

Five children living on the edge of a forest band together to save a magical wishing tree from destruction and find their own paths to happiness.

Year Released: 2017

A 2nd Chance

A gymnast lacks the confidence she needs to reach the top. But with the help of her new coach, she has the chance to win a spot on the national team.

Year Released: 2011

Annabelle Hooper And The Ghosts Of Nantucket

While vacationing on picturesque Nantucket, a crafty teenage mystery writer contends with two thieves as she tries to solve a ghostly conundrum.

Year Released: 2016

Dashavatar: Every Era Has a Hero

In this animated musical from India, when two children are transported through time to learn about the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, they discover that Vishnu took on various incarnations to combat evil in every era.

Year Released: 2008

Albion: The Enchanted Stallion

After a magical horse transports her to a fantasy world ruled by an evil general, a brave girl sets out to save the land once and for all.

Year Released: 2016


When his new love is captured by an evil snake charmer, a young cobra and his scorpion best friend set out across the desert on a wild rescue mission.

Year Released: 2017

The Good Witch's Gift

Christmas seems like the perfect time for Cassie and Jake's wedding, but it'll take some magic to pull it off with everything going against it.

Year Released: 2010

The Good Witch's Wonder

While heading the mayor's charity auction, Cassie asks new hire Audrey for help, then finds she must use her powers to solve an unsettling mystery.

Year Released: 2014


The banana-yellow, linguistically garbled henchmen of 'Despicable Me' star in this prequel, recounting the story of their villain-worshipping history.

Year Released: 2015

Magic Snowflake

Young Nicolas agrees to do Santa's work for one year. But the stress of the job threatens the boy's sense of joy -- and Christmas itself.

Year Released: 2013

The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin and his wife are mistaken for spies while trying to rescue a crocodile from poachers... who are really CIA operatives.

Year Released: 2002

All Stars

Two kids share an extraordinary dream: to bring together a group of misfits and put on the show of a lifetime to save their beloved youth center.

Year Released: 2013

Spy Kids

The tables are turned when pint-sized kids Carmen and Juni must rescue their secret-agent parents from the diabolical clutches of Alexander Minion.

Year Released: 2001

Spy Kids 3: Game Over

Carmen gets caught in a virtual reality game designed by the kids' new nemesis, the Toymaker, and it's up to Juni to save her by beating the game.

Year Released: 2003

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

Spy kids Carmen and and Juni Cortez team up with two other pint-size secret agents, Gary and Gerti Giggles, in order to take on an evil scientist.

Year Released: 2002

Zipi and Zape y la Isla del Capitan

At Christmas, Zip and Zap take a trip with their parents to a remote island, where a friendly woman runs a children's home and mystery awaits.

Year Released: 2016

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale

After tumbling into a magic storybook, Puss in Boots must fight, dance and romance his way through wild adventures as he searches for an escape.

Year Released: 2017

Leo the Lion

Eschewing the carnivorous ways of his fellow lions, maverick Leo follows a vegetarian diet -- causing the other lions to shun him.

Year Released: 2013

Top Cat: The Movie

Top Cat and the gang face a new police chief who is not at all happy with poor Officer Dibble's performance trying to prevent Top Cat's scams.

Year Released: 2011

Baby's Day Out

After three bumbling hoodlums kidnap a toddler from a wealthy family, they have a zany time trying to hold onto the curious infant.

Year Released: 1994

Horrid Henry: The Movie

Henry must team up with Moody Margaret and Perfect Peter to take on his terrifying teacher, Miss Battleaxe, and save his school from being shut down.

Year Released: 2011

Chicken Run

Rocky the rooster and Ginger the hen lead their fellow chickens in a great escape from the farm where they are being held captive.

Year Released: 2000

Le Petit Nicolas

Nicolas leads a tranquil life, but panics when he finds out his mom is pregnant and that he will be abandoned in the forest, like Little Thumb was.

Year Released: 2009

Die drei Rauber

Three robbers roving the countryside kidnap a young girl they believe they can hold for ransom, but she's actually an orphan.

Year Released: 2007

Max Steel

After 16-year-old Max moves to his late father's hometown, he meets a snarky alien and discovers an amazing -- but dangerous -- power within himself.

Year Released: 2016

Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Released from his ice cage after centuries, a fallen but still quite mystical monkey warrior makes saving a village from monsters his first priority.

Year Released: 2015


When two siblings discover an enchanted board game that's a portal to a magical world, they meet a man who's been trapped inside the game for years.

Year Released: 1995

Son of Alladin

When an evil magician conjures a deadly dragon, a valiant prince leaps into action and initiates a magic prophecy to protect his kingdom.

Year Released: 2003


A woodcutter learns the magic words to enter a cave where 40 thieves conceal their booty, but his greedy brother wants the treasure for himself.

Year Released: 2002

Chhota Bheem And the Curse of Damyaan

An evil demon who traded his freedom for immortality lures Chhota Bheem and his friends to the city of Sonapur with tales of hidden treasure.

Year Released: 2012

Santa's Apprentice

Young orphan Nicolas learns how to guide a sleigh, slide down chimneys and other duties he'll need when he becomes the next Santa Claus.

Year Released: 2010

The Care Bears Movie

The Care Bears live and play together in a country high in the clouds. But they also care for the children on Earth and come to help when needed.

Year Released: 1985

Motu Patlu: King of Kings

Motu and Patlu want to help a circus lion get back to the jungle. On the way, the three become caught up in an exciting adventure in the forest.

Year Released: 2016

The Adventure Club

After finding a peculiar key, three smart and adventurous kids launch a quest to uncover the whereabouts of a coveted archaeological treasure.

Year Released: 2016

Humpback Whales

After near extinction 50 years ago, humpback whales are thriving. Their recovery is captured in this documentary filmed in Alaska, Hawaii and Tonga.

Year Released: 2015

Colombia: Wild Magic

Showcasing the country's biodiversity, this documentary reveals the stunning vistas and native wildlife of Colombia's gorgeous but fragile ecosystem.

Year Released: 2015